Monday, January 07, 2008

Moving on

well, I suppose some of you might have been wondering why I suddenly stopped posting about the lovely creatures of Utila (my Utila diving video part 1, part 2). The truth is, my calling took me back to my homeland (they say you can take the monkey out of Africa but you can't take Africa out of the monkey). After four years in lovely Central America, it was time to return to my family and friends. And it was sooo amazing to be back! We saw tons of whales, got to dive with tiger sharks (see video), raggies, blacktips..., saw leopards up close, walked in the mountains, and saw the sun rise over the Indian Ocean.
But best of all, Barbara and I got married! A small ceremony in my university town, followed by a picnic in the botanical gardens, evening cocktails overlooking the ocean, and dinner not 1m from 10ft raggedtoothed sharks! The perfect day.

But, I will, hopefully, be getting regular updates from the WSORC guys on Utila so I can re-start the blog (and get to talk a little more about Caribbean diving, scuba, photography, mantas and most of all, the whale sharks!)

If you wanna keep abreast with what I am doing now, check out my new birding blog: Discovering alpine birds

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